Helpful Tips

Below is some helpful information that you may bring with you when you visit our showroom so we can begin immediately on design ideas. Appointments are strongly recommended for kitchen design & layout. Just give us a call!


A basic sketch and dimensions of your working space are necessary to get started on a design. Once you choose a design, a Custom Wood salesperson will come to your home to measure before ordering any cabinets or countertops.

Be sure to note ceiling height, all window and door openings, soffits and drop ceilings. Measure to the outside of all trim or casings. If you are working with new construction, bring blueprints with you.


Appliance Selection

The size and type of appliances is crucial to a well-designed kitchen. Custom Wood does not sell appliances, but highly recommends H&H Appliance in Windsor, NJ (

If you have already chosen your appliances, please bring pictures and dimensions with you.


Wish List

Remodeling your home, or building a brand new home, is a once-in-a-lifetime project for many people. Make a list of your "dream" choices of styles, colors, hardware, appliances, lighting, etc. Cut out pictures from magazines or pull photos from our website of ideas you love. You'll be surprised what Custom Wood can do to help build your dream.